Public Safety & Courtesy

We all play a role in keeping transit safe.

Part of creating a modern approach to public safety is rethinking the roles and responsibilities of its team members. We have identified that our need for law enforcement support is specific, and the majority of our public safety work involves responding to incidents that are disruptive, but non-violent. In our new approach, CapMetro determines the appropriate response to every call and keeps public transportation safe for everyone through a three-pronged approach featuring:

Report Unsafe or Inappropriate Behavior

  • Call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency.
  • Report unsafe or inappropriate behavior to CapMetro Public Safety dispatchers anonymously using this webform.

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Public Safety Ambassador

Trained professionals in the community who are as prepared to sell a pass or give directions as they are to perform a security function.


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CE 220103 Public Safety Program webpage assets_community intervention specialist

Community Intervention Specialist

On-staff social workers to respond to quality of life issues on the system and provide Mental Health First Aid training to CapMetro employees.


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Transit Police

Transit-dedicated police officers for specific instances when law enforcement is truly needed.

As Central Texas and our transit system continue to grow, CapMetro faces a number of public safety challenges:

  • Regional growth
  • Availability and flexibility of staff
  • Service area across multiple jurisdictions
  • Special event management (larger events, held more often)

The Public Safety program addresses these challenges in the following ways:

  • More efficient use of resources
  • More security cameras and safety infrastructure on vehicles and at facilities for faster identification and handling of issues
  • Shorter response times to staff and customer concerns
  • Phased response to incidents, beginning with ambassadors and then police officers
  • Police officers able to focus on incidents that need law enforcement
  • Coverage across multiple cities and counties
  • Direct control over training, staffing and policies
  • Public safety staff trained for the transit experience and aware of the specialized nature of transit operations.

These moves will create a Public Safety program that is the right size for today's system and able to support the growth of our region, the services we're planning for tomorrow and the ridership that will come as a result of our Project Connect expansion program.

CapMetro routinely checks passes to ensure fairness for everyone who rides our bus and rail system. Riders without a valid fare will receive a $75 administrative fine from a fare enforcement officer, payable to CapMetro. 

Failure to pay within 30 days could result in a Class “C” misdemeanor Municipal Court fine up to $500. If you ride without a valid fare you will be required to purchase a fare, exit the service, or will be issued a citation.

Handle your citation within 30 days to avoid additional municipal court fines, costing up to $500. Pay online at our citation payment page. Pay by mail Send a $75 money order or cashier's check to:

Attn: Finance-Fare Evasion
P.O. Box 6308
Austin, TX 78762-6308

Note: Please make the money order or cashier's check payable to CapMetro and include the citation number.

Pay in person Pay your $75 fine weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Transit Store, located at 209 West 9th Street. Fines can be paid with cash, a credit or debit card, or with a money order or cashier's check made payable to CapMetro. No personal checks accepted.

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Text-a-Tip to 512-488-4200: Provide the route you’re riding, Stop ID number where you’re waiting or a street intersection. If applicable, provide the 4-digit vehicle number located inside and outside every CapMetro vehicle.

Use your CapMetro App
  1. Tap the More icon.
  2. Tap "Report Public Safety Issue"
  3. Tap "Report a Problem"
Use the See Say App
  1. Download from the app store and agree to the License Terms.
  2. Search for CapMetro: Select Organization > Transit
  3. Tap "Report a Problem"

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