DBE Certification

Simply fill out the DBE application and return it to the certification agency in your area.

The certifying agencies are:

Once a firm has been certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), it will remain certified for at least 3 years, unless its certification has been removed for reasons outlined in 49 CFR Sec. 26.87.

CapMetro actively encourages DBEs to solicit bids for CapMetro requirements. Once your company is certified, our Procurement Department will receive information about it for future sourcing activities.

For more detailed information, visit the Texas Unified Certification Program DBE Information Directory.

Subcontracting with prime contractors

CapMetro prime contractors are encouraged to subcontract to DBEs. This program is also administered by CapMetro's DBE office.

All procurements in excess of $50,000 are examined by the DBE office to determine if DBE subcontracting goals can be reasonably established. To make this determination, DBE carefully examines 2 key elements:

  • Subcontracting opportunities for each procurement
  • Number of DBE firms available in each subcontracting category
If goals are established, potential prime contractors to CapMetro are expected to make their best efforts to meet these goals (e.g., 25 percent of the contract price will flow to DBEs). When addressing DBE goals in bid or proposals, potential contractors are required to comply with the provisions and instructions outlined in the solicitation.

If my business is certified as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), am I considered a DBE?

No, not automatically. The DBE program is different from the HUB program. The DBE program is a federally regulated program requiring a separate certification process than the state's HUB program. The net worth of the company is one of the critical factors in determining who is eligible to be a DBE. The net worth of the company cannot exceed $1,320,000.

How long is a DBE Certification valid?

DBE Certification is generally valid for up to 3 years. However, on the anniversary of its certification date, a DBE must submit an affidavit that certifies it as a DBE, affirming that there are no changes in circumstances affecting size, disadvantaged status, ownership or control requirements of 49 CFR, or any material change in the information provided in the application.

What is the Texas Unified Certification Program?

The TUCP is a one-stop certification process for federal DBE programs in Texas. The TUCP consolidates all certified DBE firms into a centralized DBE directory for U.S. DOT-funded contracts for airports, highways and public transit.