Cap Metro Ridership Increase Among Highest in Nation

Cap Metro May ridership increased 11.5% over last year

AUSTIN, Texas - CapMetro today released ridership figures for May, announcing an 11.5% increase over the same month in 2018. This year-over-year increase is among the highest of transit agencies nationwide.

May's ridership continued the recent growth across CapMetro's entire transit system:

  • Weekday ridership was up 9.8%.
  • Saturday ridership was up 9.9%.
  • Sunday ridership was up 32.1%.

The gains this month can be found throughout CapMetro's bus network, with MetroRapid and MetroExpress ridership up nearly 19 percent each and MetroBus up 11 percent. The agency also saw slight gains with MetroAccess ridership up 3.4 percent, MetroRideShare with a 7.5 percent increase and MetroRail up 3.6 percent.

While there are many factors contributing to the growth in ridership, the improvements implemented during Cap Remap have had the most impact. Cap Remap changes included tripling the number of MetroBus routes that operate every 15 minutes as well as adding frequency to weekend service. The agency has seen systemwide ridership increases in 11 of the 12 months since the implementation of Cap Remap in June 2018.

At our  July 29 board meeting, we'll have a more in-depth analysis of Cap Remap results. These numbers, and a host of other agency metrics, can be tracked in more detail using our online  Performance Dashboard.