CapMetro Launches Transit Thursdays

Agency partners with city of Austin to encourage people to take transit.

AUSTIN, Texas - CapMetro joined forces with the city of Austin to encourage people to make transit a regular part of their transportation habits. The agency on Thursday celebrated national Get on Board Day and used the moment to launch a new initiative called “Transit Thursdays.” This weekly event is designed to challenge Central Texans to help reduce traffic and their carbon footprint by taking transit at least once a week.

“One full Cap Metro bus can take 50 single occupancy vehicles off the road,” Mayor Steve Adler said. “Just imagine how we can all work together to reduce traffic in Austin if we each take transit even one day a week.”

National Get on Board Day is an annual initiative of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and aligns with CapMetro's plans for weekly Transit Thursdays. Each is an effort to create a culture of transit, making public transportation a travel option for more people. The purpose of the initiatives is to promote the benefits of transit for cities and their residents:

  • Owning a car in Texas can cost up to $985 a month. A 31-day CapMetro bus pass runs $41.
  • Traveling by bus or train has been found to be 10 times safer than riding in cars.
  • Transit users are more active, getting more than three times the daily physical activity by walking from stops and stations to their destinations.
  • Transit riders experience lower stress levels than car drivers.
  • Public transportation produces less pollution than cars, resulting in cleaner air.

“Get on Board Day and Transit Thursdays are a fun way to promote transit use,” said CapMetro President and CEO Randy Clarke. “Central Texas is changing rapidly, and Austin was, again, named the fastest-growing big city in the country. The more people use CapMetro, the better we can help maintain our lifestyle while managing that growth.”