Pickup FAQs

Book a ride using the Pickup app for $1.25 per trip - the same as a single ride for Bus and Rapid.

Our on-demand service allows you to seamlessly share your trip with other riders also going your way. Book a ride and within seconds our powerful algorithm matches you with a vehicle that can pick you up. Pickup by CapMetro is a new model of on-demand transit - ride hailing that is also truly ride sharing, with a vehicle that comes to you when and where you need it. Get answers to some of your questions below. 

Pickup currently serves 8 service zones in Austin (East ATX, Exposition, Northeast ATX, Walnut Creek, Dessau, South Menchaca, Dove Springs and North Oak Hill) and another three in the cities of Manor, Lago Vista and Leander. Maps for all Pickup service zones are on the Pickup page. For more information, call the Customer Service GO Line at 512-474-1200.

Pickup is an on-demand transit service that takes multiple riders heading in the same direction and books them into a shared vehicle. To use the Pickup app, type in your address and your destination and we'll match you with a vehicle going your way. We'll pick you up at your location and drop you off at your destination.

Don't have a smartphone? Call 512-369-6200 to request a ride. We'll let you know the pickup and drop-off address of your vehicle, as well as its ETA.

Pickup by CapMetro operates differently for each zone. Generally it runs weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., but some zones offer different service days and hours. Check the Pickup page to see when your service is available.

Our goal is to pick you up within 15 minutes. Most of the time, it'll be sooner than that, but you'll always get an accurate estimate of your pickup time before booking. You can also track your car in real-time in the app.

The number of riders you will share a ride with will vary based on capacity and your chosen destination.

All Pickup vehicles are fully accessible and can accommodate 1 wheelchair.

The fare for this service is $1.25. You can pay in the Pickup app with a credit card or cash when boarding the vehicle. You may also use any CapMetro local pass.

CapMetro does not offer you the ability to purchase passes on the vehicle, but you can use the CapMetro App to purchase passes prior to boarding.

Yes, kids 18 and younger ride free on all CapMetro services, all the time. To book a ride for your child, create an account for the student and enter the promo code "CHILDFREE" from the Pickup app's settings menu. Once you enter the code, you'll receive this message: "You have successfully activated child fares for this account." All rides will then be free.

Riders with a Reduced Fare ID card can use the promo code "reduced2019." Be prepared to show the bus operator your Reduced Fare ID when boarding." All rides will be $0.60.
Additional questions? Email us at:  customer.service@capmetro.org