Getting You to Q2 Stadium

CapMetro is your ride to Q2 Stadium, including Austin FC games! CapMetro has you covered with a variety of options to help get you to the fun, stress-free from traffic and finding parking at Q2 Stadium.

Upcoming Q2 Stadium Events

Capital Metro will operate Special Event Service for the following events at Q2 Stadium:


Click to enlarge - CapMetro bus and train stations near Q2 Stadium

How to Get to Q2 Stadium Using CapMetro

CapMetro is boosting service on Austin FC game days to help you get to and from the stadium easily and safely. By increasing frequency, you can arrive at the stop on your schedule and know a bus is coming soon. Don't live near any routes that go by the stadium? No problem! We have Park & Ride facilities with buses that can get you to the stands and cheering for the home team.

By Bus

We're increasing frequency on game days for routes near Q2 Stadium. Even if the following routes aren't near you, there are plenty of ways to connect in our system by other routes or through the two nearby Park & Rides.

  • MetroRapid 803 will operate at least every 10 minutes and drops off in front of the stadium. To help you get home quickly, extra MetroRapid vehicles will line up along Bright Verde Way when the game ends.
  • Route 3 will operate on its normal schedule and drops off in front of the stadium.
  • Route 383 will operate on increased frequency of 15 minutes between the two nearby Park & Rides: North Lamar Transit Center and Pavilion Park & Ride. The route drops off in front of the stadium.
  • Route 392 will operate on increased frequency of 20 minutes between Q2 Stadium and Tech Ridge Transit Center.

Easy Trip Planning to Q2 Stadium

Make Q2 Stadium your destination, we'll take care of the rest! For real-time route information, check out our Trip Planner.

Plan your trip

By Rail

Taking the train to Austin FC games is a great option for those near the Red Line. Fans can take the train to Kramer Station and walk about 15 minutes to the stadium. Upon arrival to Kramer Station, make sure to follow signs leading you to the stadium for the safest, most accessible and optimal walking path.

MetroRail will operate on special event service for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Consult the game day schedule before planning your MetroRail trip:

Weekday MetroRail Schedule

MetroRail will operate on a modified schedule to accommodate games beginning on alternate schedules:

Weekend MetroRail Schedule

  • Saturday special event service: MetroRail will operate supplemental trips to Kramer Station to meet demand for service to Q2 Stadium. Expect significant disruption to regular MetroRail Saturday service, preventing travel north of Kramer Station throughout the day.
  • Sunday special event service: MetroRail will operate special Sunday service direct to Kramer Station for travel to Q2 Stadium.

Park & Ride

Don’t live near a route that goes to Q2? No worries! We’ve got 4 recommended Park & Ride locations with routes to the stadium. Check the travel time for each location below so you can park, ride and arrive right on time!

Park & Ride NameEstimated Travel Time
North Lamar Transit Center11 min
Pavilion Park & Ride22 min.
Tech Ridge Park & Ride35 min.
Westgate Transit Center65 min.