Using our Trip Planning Tools

Our Trip Planner features 3 tools that allow you to figure out which bus to take, where the most convenient stop is located and when the next bus is scheduled to depart. It also compares between services to help you figure out if MetroRail or MetroExpress is your best option, for example. Be sure to get to your stop or station at least 5 minutes before the departure time - traffic congestion makes setting departure times an inexact science.

Plan your trip with confidence. Whether you need to leave right now or get to an appointment by a certain time, the Trip Planner lets you know the best option for traveling by Cap Metro. First, select your starting point and your destination, and then choose a departure time or when you need to arrive. The Trip Planner gives you 3 options and lets you choose which best fits your needs.

You've decided to take the bus but aren't sure when the next one is going to leave, what do you do? It's easy. Use the Next Departure feature. Simply enter an address or a Bus Stop ID, and the Trip Planner will pull up the nearest stops and suggest possible routes with their next scheduled departure times.

At a friend's new apartment or a restaurant you've never been to before and need to get home or to work? Use the Trip Planner's Locate tool to figure out which route is best to take. Use the Settings button to view Stops or a Live Map of buses currently operating. Then, simply enter an address, an intersection, the Bus Stop ID number or even a landmark (the Gateway shopping center, say, or the Walmart on Ben White), and the Trip Planner will display all of the nearby routes. Click on one of the options, and it's as simple as that.