Rapid Stations Construction Detours 2024

We are constructing several CapMetro Rapid stations in East Austin for the two new CapMetro Rapid lines: Pleasant Valley Line and Expo Line. We will update this alert when there are stop closures or detours that relate to this construction.

Currently Under Construction

Station NameRapid Line ServedDisruptions & Update
Delco Center SB Rapid StationExpo LineEstimated completion 2/15/24
Barbara Jordan NB Rapid StationExpo LineEstimated completion 2/24/24
Pleasant Valley at Oltorf East NB Rapid StationPleasant Valley (PV) LineCustomers are redirected to a Temp stop located north of Stop ID 1027 at Pleasant Valley & Oltorf
Pleasant Valley and Sheringham SB Rapid StationPV LineRoutes 228 WB and 300 SB will be on detour from the start of service to the end of service. Stop ID 6428 at Pleasant Valley and Riverside and Stop ID 4298 Pleasant Valley and Sheringham will be closed. Riders can board their bus at Stop ID 4288 at Pleasant Valley and HEB and Stop ID 3527 at Pleasant Valley and Anken.
Manor at Airport Southbound Rapid StationBoth Lines

Ongoing, no impacts to service.

Manor at Rogge Southbound Rapid StationExpo LineConstruction begins soon
Pleasant Valley at Dove Springs NB & SB Rapid StationPV LineConstruction began 2/11/24
Pleasant Valley at 7th Rapid StationPV LineConstruction expected to end in mid-March. Stop  ID 1349 at Pleasant Valley/7th is closed from the start of service to the end of service. Riders can board at Stop ID 2803 at Pleasant Valley & 5th or a temp stop located on the northbound side on Pleasant Valley before 7th street.

Riders may board their bus at the bus stops listed below or any CapMetro bus stops along the detoured route. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service GO Line at 512-474-120