CapMetro App FAQ

Switching over to the new app is necessary! The old app has been renamed “CapMetro ATX” and was discontinued on November 1, 2023. All users are required to transfer to the new app before November. Here is the full tutorial on switching over.

  1. Use up all your active passes in your current app. Active passes do not transfer to the new app. Passes that haven't yet been activated will transfer over. 

  2. Download the new CapMetro App from the app store on your phone. 

  3. Login to the new app. 

  4. Click the "Use" or "Manage" tabs and create a virtual card. If you have unused passes to transfer over, select "More" > "Unattached Passes" > "Attach". Select the virtual card you created and tap continue to have your pass show up under the "Available Passes" section. 

  5. Delete the previous CapMetro ATX app. *You will not be able to redownload the old app so be sure to use active passes before deleting.

Yes, you can purchase and activate as many tickets as you'd like. Just purchase the tickets and select them for activation at the "Use Tickets" screen. The CapMetro App will activate all of your tickets at the same time and display the expiration date of the ticket with the least time on the screen. For instance, if you purchase and activate one 7-Day Pass and one Day Pass at the same time, the expiration date on the screen will be that of the one Day Pass. The one Day Pass will no longer show in your queue after it expires.

Yes, you can use your mobile ticket on all of our services: Local, Commuter and CapMetro Access. If you are using a route without an onboard QR scanner validator, you must validate the ticket via visual validation by the operator. This means you must show the operator the animated logo screen that appears after you select passes on the "Use Tickets" screen. The operator may ask you to show proof of a valid fare. This can be done by tapping on the screen to display the color change.

Passes should always be pulled up on the app before boarding with the validation screen ready to display to operator or fare inspector.

Yes, you can use your ticket from the time you activate it until it has expired on any route as long as you have the proper fare for that service.

You may be able to retrieve it by contacting the GO Line at 512-474-1200 and requesting that they move the unused, unexpired ticket to the cloud so they are accessible from your new device.

Reduced Fare Card holders can only purchase Reduced Fares through the app by first visiting the Transit Store and verifying Reduced Fare status. Once your status has been verified, Transit Store staff will grant you access to Reduced Fares in the CapMetro App. You will then be able to purchase fares through the app for the duration of your Reduced Fare status.

If you are a MetroAccess customer, you can register to purchase Access passes on the app by calling Access at 512-852-7272. Please have your client ID number and the email address used to register your account.

Access Single Ride Ticket holders should not activate their ticket until they are boarding the vehicle. At that time, the operator will perform a visual validation of your ticket. Single Ride Access tickets are only valid for a short amount of time after ticket activation.

Before being able to purchase Access fares on the app, customers will have to first visit the Transit Store and verify their eligibility. Staff will then grant you access to the Access fares on the app.

To purchase any tickets on the app you will be required to create an account with a login, email address, password, pin and billing information. Without setting this information up, you will not be able to buy tickets.

If you are logged in and purchase tickets but then log out, your tickets will remain connected to your account and will be visible upon logging back in.

Passes can be purchased for all CapMetro services: Local, Commuter (Reduced Fare included) and Access. Pass types available on the app include: Single Ride, Day Pass, 7-Day Pass, 31-Day Pass, Reduced Fare Pass (Day Pass and 31-Day Pass only), Single Ride Access Ticket and Access Monthly Pass. You can also create an AMP card and pay-as-you-go.

Unfortunately, an internet connection is required for accessing tickets "saved to the cloud" — if your fare cannot be validated via visual validation, QR code, at the onboard validator or by a fare inspector, CapMetro policy requires you to pay a new fare.

However, if your ticket is "saved to the device," it can be accessed without requiring a connection.

By saving "to the cloud" you are able to enable ticket access on any device where the app is installed. Simply log on and you will be able to retrieve tickets that have been purchased. If you are planning to use tickets purchased on multiple devices (ex. tablet and smartphone), then you should save passes "to the cloud." However, it is important to note that an internet connection is required for accessing passes saved "to the cloud."

By saving "to the device" tickets are available without an internet connection. However, tickets will only be available on the specific device they were purchased on. If your device has been lost or stolen, you may be able to retrieve unused, unexpired tickets by contacting the GO Line at 512-474-1200 and requesting that they move the tickets to the cloud so they are accessible from your new device.