How to Buy Passes

Accessing your pass to get on board is as easy as ever using our simple payment systems or our online marketplace.

Cashless & Contactless 

Not only can you add cash to mobile via the CapMetro App, but our Tap cards and physical or virtual AMP cards make paying your fare easy. No need to insert your card at the farebox--contactless payment is safer and can get you on the bus faster.

Tap cards and physical AMP cards are available through participating retailers and at our Transit Store.




Should I Swipe, Tap or Scan?

Getting on board for your ride should be easy, which is why we offer passes with efficiency in mind. Some of our passes allow you to quickly tap your card as you enter the vehicle. If you're not sure which kind of pass you have and what to do with it, these tips are for you!


If you have a card with a notch in the corner, swipe the card on farebox when boarding at the front of the bus. You can also identify these cards as they have a magnetic stripe on the back.


Tap cards (shown at right) and physical AMP cards with all round corners and a tap icon on the front can be used on the onboard validator as you board the bus with a quick tap. These are available for purchase at participating retailers as well as the Transit Store.


Use the CapMetro App to board the bus by scanning the QR code on your virtual AMP card or virtual pass on the onboard validator.

Tap Card

Where to Buy Passes

Purchase your CapMetro pass using our app, on board the vehicle or at the station, during your next grocery run or via our online marketplace.

CapMetro App

Turn your phone into a pass! With the CapMetro App, you can buy and manage passes for all of our services.

On Board

You can buy a Single Ride or Day Pass with exact change or by using a Stored Value card at the front entrance of our vehicles with the help of the operator.

Retail Outlets

Purchase passes where you shop: 7-day passes, 31-day passes and more can be purchased at H-E-B. View participating locations.

*Availability of passes may vary depending on location, so please contact your local store to find out what they carry.

Cash-to-mobile:  You can add cash to the CapMetro App at over  250 participating locations. Never worry about not having exact change at the fare box by adding cash to your mobile wallet or purchasing passes on the app!

**CapMetro Access monthly passes are not available at H-E-B outlets. Clients can buy those passes at the CapMetro Transit Store and through the CapMetro App.

Tap cards: Our Tap cards are available for purchase at participating retailers as well as the Transit Store.

Ticket Vending Machines

Commuter Single Ride and Day Passes are available at Republic Square and East Side Bus Plaza as well as any CapMetro Rail station. Look for one of our  ticket vending machines (TVMs) located on the platforms.

*TVMs do not give exact change when using cash to purchase.


Use the Online Marketplace to add passes instantly to your CapMetro App mobile account or mailed within 5 business days. 

*Notice: Internet Explorer is not supported, we recommend IE users switch to another browser.

Transit Store

To buy passes in person, stop by our Transit Store, located in downtown Austin at: 209 W. 9th Street, Austin, TX 78701. We're open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and our phone number is 512-389-7454.