Loading and unloading your bike

Loading your bike on the bus is no sweat. Watch the video and follow our simple rules to get both you and your bike on board the bus.

*CapMetro is not responsible for any damage to bicycles that occurs when using bike racks on our vehicles.

Loading on a MetroBus bike rack

  • Stand up as the bus approaches and remove any items that might fall off your bike, such as water bottles or child carrier seats.
  • Before stepping in front of the bus to load your bike, make friendly eye contact with the bus operator.
  • If the rack is full, wait until the next bus arrives.
  • Load your bike directly in front of the bus or from the curbside ― never from the street side!
  • If the rack is folded up, lower it by squeezing the handle and pulling it down.
  • Lift your bike into an available slot and place the tires into the wheel wells.
  • Pull the spring-loaded support arm out and over the front tire until it hugs the tire.
  • If possible, sit near the front of the bus where you can keep an eye on your bike.
Note: the bus operator can't assist with loading (except on some MetroExpress routes), but can help with oral instructions, if needed.

Loading on a MetroExpress vehicle or MetroRail train

MetroExpress vehicles do not have bike racks on the front of the bus. They do feature storage space for 2 bikes in the rear of the vehicle, however. Please ask the bus operator to open the storage compartment for you. MetroRail trains offer bike racks toward the front of the compartment. If they are unavailable, you may stand with your bike in the entryway of the train compartment.