Transit Costs

Introducing Equifare: A new fare discount program

Our newest fare tier, Equifare, offers a discount for eligible riders. Equifare requires the use of an AMP card.

You qualify for Equifare if:

Your household income is below
200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

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You’re enrolled in one or more social
services programs.

We offer an even lower fare for seniors and those with qualifying disabilities. More info here.

Equifare requires the use of an AMP Card. When you've spent the equivalent of a daily or monthly pass using AMP, the rest of your rides are free until the next day or month. See the Equifare discounts in the chart:
MODEType of PassStandard FareDiscount Fares
(Low Income & Social Service Programs)
Reduced Fare (Seniors, Military ID Holders Not in Uniform, Medicare and Riders with Disabilities)Kids & Emergency or Military Personnel in Uniform
Local Bus Single Ride$1.25$1.00$0.60Free
Day Pass$2.50$2.00$1.25Free
31 Day Pass$41.25$33.00$20.60Free
Bus + Rail
Single Ride$3.50$3.00$1.75Free
Day Pass$7.00$6.00$3.50Free
31 Day Pass$96.25$77.00$48.10Free

Apply to Join the Equifare Program

Our application takes about 15 minutes and requires proof of eligibility (such as Medi- Cal, EBT, Social Security Award, check stub or tax return).

You'll receive a confirmation email within 4-6 business days of submitting this form. Once accepted, your AMP card will reflect the Equifare rate. Use your AMP card to pay every time you ride to receive the Equifare rate and earn Daily and Monthly fare caps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the fare cap work?
  • The cap is automatically calculated on your AMP pass so that you never pay more than you should. After you have spent the equivalent of the cost of a daily pass in single rides, you've met the daily cap and ride free the rest of the service day (4a.m. to 3:59a.m.). After you've spent the equivalent of the cost of a 31-day pass in single rides, you've met the monthly cap and ride free until the first day of the next month.

  • How long does my discount last?

    Approved riders will remain enrolled for 24 months. You can apply for re-enrollment after that time period.

  • What is the difference between Equifare and Reduced Fares?

    Both Equifare and Reduced Fare are discounted fare programs. Generally speaking, low-income riders who qualify for certain social welfare programs have access to Equifare prices. Reduced Fares generally apply to seniors and riders with disabilities. Visit the Reduced Fare ID page to learn more.

  • What if I qualify for both Reduced Fare and Equifare?

    Customers who qualify for both Reduced Fare and Equifare rates would be offered the Reduced Fare price since it is the lower rate.

  • I don't have any eligibility documents with me to upload into the Equifare system at this moment, can I still apply?  

    Yes, you can apply through our self-verification process without any document attachments. Please note that our representatives may conduct audits in the future and request for verification documents to be sent via email. 

  • How do I load value on the new AMP card as an Equifare customer?  

    It’s the same as any other customer with an AMP card. You may load: via cash at a participating retailer, via credit/debit card through the mobile app or customer web portal.

  • Can I get a printed Equifare application form?  

    Yes, you can pick up a paper Equifare application form at the transit store at 209 West 9th Street. 

  • I've received an email confirmation of my Equifare enrollment, but it's not reflecting on my AMP card; what should I do?  

    We have a dedicated form that assists us in designating your AMP card (virtual or physical) at the Equifare rate.

  • I applied three days ago; am I enrolled in the Equifare program?   

    The enrollment process usually takes 4-6 business days. Once enrolled, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. If you haven't received any communication within that time frame, please email us at or call us on our helpline at 512-474-1200

  • If I lose my AMP card, do I need to reapply for Equifare?  

    No, you don't need to reapply for Equifare. We can issue a new card to you, after which you'll need to re-register your account online or at the Transit Store. 

    What if I need help filing out the Equifare application?   

    Our staff can assist you with the application process via phone to answer any questions you may have. Please call the helpline at 512-474-1200.