Reduced Fare ID Card program

The Reduced Fare ID (RFID) Card enables eligible riders to receive a half-price fare. The card costs $3 and is good for 2 years.

The following groups are eligible for this card:

Eligible riders must have the RFID Card with them in order to receive the reduced fare. Lost, stolen or damaged cards cost $3 to replace for the first 2 replacements. The 3rd replacement costs $6. You can replace your card at the Transit Store.

Kids 6-18 ride free with their school ID. They can obtain a CapMetro Student ID at the Transit Store.

How to apply

The following online application is only available for seniors, Medicare card holders, students (18yrs and younger), and active military.

Apply online

Here are more ways to get an application for an RFID Card:

How to use your RFID Card to board the bus

To use your RFID Card:

1. Tap the RFID on the target area of the farebox. Be prepared to show your ID to the bus operator, if requested.

2. If purchasing a day pass, tell the driver before you insert exact cash fare or pay with a Stored Value Card. If you already have a pass, swipe your pass through the card reader.

Fill out this form to unlock RFID discounts to your virtual or physical AMP card

How to renew your RFID card

RFID cards must be renewed every two years. Please stop by the Transit Store to take an updated photo for the card weekdays between 8:30a.m. and 4:30p.m. - no appointment is necessary. Renewal processing is available online only for Seniors, Medicare card holders, students and Active or Reserve Military personnel not in uniform. All others must come to the Transit Store to renew their Reduced Fare ID card.

Questions? Call our Customer Service GO Line at 512-474-1200 or email us at

The Accessible Touch Pass offers an easier way to pay your fare as you board the bus or any fixed-route service, not CapMetro Access. The Accessible Touch Pass doesn't have to be swiped through the slot on the farebox. Just tap it near the target on the farebox. The pass is available in the following 3 formats:

  • A key fob
  • A bus pass-sized card
  • A wearable wristband

Note: you must have an RFID or CapMetro Access ID Card to purchase and use the Accessible Touch Pass. If you do not have your ID card, you will be charged the full fare.

Who is eligible?

The Accessible Touch Pass is available to the following customers:

  • CapMetro RFID cardholders:
    • Seniors (65 and older)
    • Medicare card holders
    • People with qualifying RFID disabilities
  • CapMetro Access ID Card holders who ride regular fixed routes services only:
    • The Accessible Touch Pass is not an accepted fare for Access service.

How it works

Here's how to pay your fare with an Accessible Touch Pass:

  • Tap your RFID or Access ID Card to the target area of the farebox.
  • Tap your Accessible Touch Pass to the target area of the farebox.

How to purchase or reload your Accessible Touch Pass

  • Go to our Transit Store, located at 209 West 9th Street. The Transit Store is open weekdays, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.*
  • Present your RFID Card or Access ID Card.**

*Only the qualified user may purchase or reload the pass.

**Passes may not be purchased or reloaded without proper identification.

Terms and conditions

CapMetro assumes no responsibility for lost passes. Passes are non-refundable and not replaceable if lost, stolen or damaged. A new pass may be purchased for $5 plus the cost of monthly fares. A pass is not valid if damaged, altered or expired, and will require the individual to pay a fare. The Accessible Touch Pass is not an accepted fare for MetroAccess service. Only MetroAccess monthly passes and tickets are accepted on MetroAccess. Bus operators may check the expiration date. The farebox will display pass information, including expiration date.

Senior Transit Service Options

The following senior transportation solutions are provided in Austin and surrounding areas (CapMetro doesn't operate all services listed):

  1. Reduced Fare ID: Half price fare on all services for those aged 65 or older
  2. Pickup: Low cost, on-demand rides within select neighborhoods
  3. CARTS: Public transit in rural areas surrounding Austin
  4. Senior Rider's Guide: Helpful guidelines and resources from the Office of Mobility Management
  5. Senior Transportation from PARD: The City of Austin provides donation-based rides to seniors.

Reminder: All CapMetro services are wheelchair and scooter accessible. Our operators are trained to get you there safely and securely.