Accessible Touch Pass

The Accessible Touch Pass offers an easier way to pay your fare as you board the bus. Unlike other CapMetro passes, the Accessible Touch Pass doesn't have to be swiped through the slot on the farebox. Just tap it on or hold it close to the target on the farebox. The pass is available in the following 3 formats:

Note: you must have an RFID or MetroAccess ID Card to purchase and use the Accessible Touch Pass. If you do not have your ID card, you will be charged the full fare.

Who is eligible?

The Accessible Touch Pass is available to the following customers:

How it works

Here's how to pay your fare with an Accessible Touch Pass:

How to purchase or reload your Accessible Touch Pass

*Only the qualified user may purchase or reload the pass.

**Passes may not be purchased or reloaded without proper identification.

Terms and conditions

CapMetro assumes no responsibility for lost passes. Passes are non-refundable and not replaceable if lost, stolen or damaged. A new pass may be purchased for $5 plus the cost of monthly fares. A pass is not valid if damaged, altered or expired, and will require the individual to pay a fare. The Accessible Touch Pass is not an accepted fare for MetroAccess service. Only MetroAccess monthly passes and tickets are accepted on MetroAccess. Bus operators may check the expiration date. The farebox will display pass information, including expiration date.


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