How to Ride

Let public transit handle your commute, take the stress out of driving and help you relax during your ride.

  • How to ride videos

    We've made a few videos to demonstrate how simple it is to try transit. Check out how to pay your fare, or even load your bike. 

  • At the bus stop

    What do you do once you get to the bus stop? We'll tell you all about our signs at bus stops.

  • Bringing your bike

    Getting around town is about more than just cars, so we're happy to help you take advantage of all sorts of transportation options. Here's how to bike and ride.

  • Paying your fare

    Not sure which pass to buy? We make it simple to pay your fare. Find out why a Day Pass may be your best option with our new bus network.

  • Once on board

    We don't have a lot of rules when riding the bus, but what we do ask is important to ensure your safety and  make the ride as enjoyable as possible for everyone on board.

  • Transferring

    Need to hop from bus to bus, or from bus to train? Make sure you buy the right pass.

  • Traveling with kids

    Your kids are great, aren't they? Keep them safe and sound by following these simple rules.