Get Excited About the New CapMetro App

New features we love in the NEW CapMetro App:

  • The AMP card featuring fare capping, a smart way to get the savings of a daily or monthly pass without paying the full cost up front! Use a virtual AMP card to pay per ride and once you've paid the equivalent of a daily or monthly pass, the rest of your rides are free until the next day or month.
  • Unlock our tier of discounted fares for qualifying riders, Equifare.

The old app (Named "CapMetro ATX" in the app store) was discontinued on November 1, 2023. Follow the directions below to transfer over now to avoid losing your passes!

Download the New App: Android  |  Apple

Image of our new AMP Card

Everything You Need to Know about AMP

Read our quick start guide on getting a free AMP card, how it works and how it makes riding transit easier and cost-effective.

How to Switch to the New App

Step 1
Use up all your active passes in your current app. Passes that haven't yet been activated don't need to be used.

Step 2
Download the New CapMetro App: Android |  Apple


Step 3
Login to the new app. You will be prompted to create a Virtual Card. (You can create a virtual card at any time by selecting "Manage" from the menu and tapping the "+" icon and selecting "Create Virtual Card”.

Step 4
If you have unused passes to transfer over, Select “More” from the menu and select “Unattached Passes”. Tap your unused pass and tap “Attach”. Select the virtual card you created and tap continue to have your pass show up under the "Available Passes" section.

Step 5
Delete the previous CapMetro ATX app. *You will not be able to redownload the old app so be sure to use active passes before deleting.*

*The old app has been renamed “CapMetro ATX” and will be deactivated by November. All users are required to transfer to the new app before November.

Are you an existing CapMetro Access, Reduced Fare or Equifare user?
Learn how to unlock your special fare in the new app here.

How do I recognize which app I have? 

The easiest way to know if you're using the new or the old app is to look at the app icon. If the icon has the capitol dome and “Cap” in yellow, this is the old app. The new app features CapMetro’s latest logo.


Customers can also find their app version number by following these steps. 

  1. Open the app 
  2. Tap “More” in the navigation menu
  3. Scroll to the very bottom to see the version number. i.e. “V 4.084” 

App Version Numbers 

New app 

  • Apple Version # 4.086 and above 

  • Android Version #4.1 and above 

Old App 

  • Apple Version #4.084 and below 

  • Android version #4 and below 

What’s an active pass? 

Users can purchase multiple passes on their account. Most passes are not activated immediately. An active pass is one that shows up under the “Active” tab in the old CapMetro ATX app. In the new CapMetro App, each virtual card has its own QR code. Under the QR code you can see your available passes and if you have an active pass it will be listed along with the date and time when it was activated.

Is there a difference between my digital wallet and money loaded on my AMP card? 

Yes. The digital wallet, or “wallet” within the CapMetro app, is a payment method that you can load a dollar amount to via credit card or by loading with cash at a participating retailer. Funds in your digital wallet can be used to buy passes and load an individual AMP Card. Similarly, you can load money directly to an AMP card. The money loaded to your AMP card, however, cannot be used to buy passes such as Day and 31-day passes. Instead, this balance will be used to deduct the cost of a single ride after tapping or scanning your AMP Card onboard. Rides deducted from your AMP Card balance will contribute to fare capping. Funds can be transferred from one AMP card to another as long as both are linked to the same account. 

When do I have to move to the latest CapMetro App? 

November 1, 2023. At this point the old CapMetro ATX app will no longer be supported and functionality for using and purchasing passes will be lost.


Does fare capping operate under a different time limit than traditional passes?

Day Passes are valid for 24 hours after first activation. 31-Day Passes are valid for 31 days after first activation. AMP fare capping behaves differently. Rides must occur within the same Service Day in order to contribute to a fare cap. The Service Day begins at 4 a.m. and ends at 3:59 a.m. Rides that contribute to the monthly fare cap must be taken within the same calendar month (i.e. September 1 to September 30).

Why are QR Codes different in the new app? 

The old CapMetro ATX app passes appear under the “Tickets” tab. When you tap a ticket/pass, an animated ticket appears with the option to tap the QR code to make it larger for scanning on the vehicle. Each ticket has its own QR code.

In the new CapMetro App, tap “Use” to view your QR code. You have a single QR Code for each virtual AMP Card. Multiple passes can be attached to this QR code and if no passes are attached, a single ride cost will be deducted from the AMP card balance when validated onboard.

Fare capping scenario: Customer uses their AMP card to purchase a ride at 10 p.m. If they purchase another ride at 1 a.m., they will get a fare cap and won’t have to pay for additional rides until 4 a.m. If they take another rider after 4 a.m., they will have to pay again as the previous fare cap was for a different service day. 

Traditional pass scenario: Customer uses their traditional day pass first for a ride at 10 p.m. They can use this pass until 9.59 p.m. on the following day.