Purchase Your Passes

So, you're going to take the bus or the train! Aren't sure if you need to buy a pass beforehand or if you can just pay after you're already on board? Here's where you find out which it is. 

With our High-Frequency Network, you might need to transfer from one route to another to get where you're going. No worries, though, you won't need to wait at a bus stop too long because your next bus is likely less than 15 minutes away.

With a Day Pass, you can ride one of our buses as many times as you want over a 24-hour period. Since a Single Ride costs $1.25 but still requires another Single Ride Pass to return home, the $2.50 Day Pass has got you covered. 

Turn your phone into a pass! With the CapMetro App, you can buy passes for all of our services.

Download the CapMetro App by visiting the app store for your Apple or Android phone or mobile device. You can also buy and manage your CapMetro App passes from our Online Marketplace.

Pay for a Single Ride or Day Pass at the front entrance of all Capital Metro vehicles simply by telling the operator when you get to the farebox. Please have your payment ready when you step on the bus, and let the operator know which pass you want before inserting payment to make sure you get the correct pass.

  • On Local buses: Buy any Local Pass or Day Passes.
  • On Commuter buses: Buy any Commuter Pass.

Purchase Commuter Passes at any MetroRail station using the ticketing kiosks on the platforms. Commuter Single Ride tickets are valid for just one trip on the train. Commuter Day Passes are valid for all services: MetroRail, MetroRapid, MetroExpress and MetroBus. The ticketing kiosks accept cash, plastic "tap" Stored Value Cards and electronic change cards (ECCs) for payment of fares. All change is given in the form of ECCs, which may be used only at a ticketing kiosk.

Fares available at MetroRail Stations are: Commuter Single Ride, Reduced Fare Commuter Single Ride and Commuter Day Passes.

Capital Metro's online store is your one-stop shop! Here's what you can do from your desktop or smartphone via our Online Marketplace.

  • Paper Passes Order online and receive by mail within 5 business days. Paper passes available include: 7-Day Passes, 31-Day Passes, Reduced Fare 31-Day Passes*, Stored Value Cards and MetroAccess** Passes. 
  • Mobile Passes Tickets are added instantly to your CapMetro App account. Mobile passes available include: 7-Day Passes, 31-Day Passes, Reduced Fare 31-Day Passes* and MetroAccess** Passes. 
  • MetroBike Shelter Cards After completing your MetroBike membership application, visit the Markeplace to order your 1-year access card by mail. 
  • Citation Payment Received a ticket on board the train or bus? Pay your $75 fare citation fine online. 

*Reduced Fare customers must call 512-389-7454 before purchasing passes online. 
**MetroAccess customers must call 512-852-7272 before purchasing passes online.

Buy your Capital Metro passes at dozens of convenient retail outlets located throughout the city, including H-E-B, Fiesta, Randall's and other local grocery stores.

Passes available at most retail outlets are: 7-Day Passes, 31-Day Passes, Reduced Fare 31-Day Passes, Stored Value Cards and MetroAccess Passes.* Availability may vary, so please contact your local store to see what passes they carry.

*MetroAccess Monthly Passes are not available at H-E-B outlets.

Stop by the Capital Metro Transit Store at 209 W. 9th Street, located at 9th and Lavaca in downtown Austin, and buy your passes in person. Open weekdays from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Got questions? Call 512-389-7454.

If you're a bit hesitant about taking public transit because you're worried you'll be stuck without a ride if you have to work late unexpectedly or you need to pick up a sick kid from school, then the Guaranteed Ride Home program is just for you. For just a $5 annual fee, Capital Metro will reimburse you the costs of a cab ride or carsharing fee in the case of an unexpected emergency.