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How to Ride CapMetro?

It's really pretty easy. Like, really easy.

How to videos

How to be a good passenger - video

How to:

be a good passenger

How to get out of Austin - video

How to:

Get out of Austin

How to arrive fresh and ready - video

How to:

arrive fresh and ready

How to plan a trip - video

How to:

to plan a trip

How to ride for free - video

How to:

Ride the bus free

How to get around Austin for free - video

How to:

Get around
Austin free

How to flag down the bus - video

How to:

Signal the bus

How to get to the game - video

How to:

Get to the game

How to get to ACL - video

How to:

Get to ACL

How to get off the bus - video

How to:

Get off the bus

Here's the gist


= Free Rides

Riding Cap Metro is free with your valid UT ID.

Riding is free. Planning is easy. Use our Trip Planner to be free and easy.

You wanna get from here to there but aren’t sure which to take, right? Use our Schedules & Maps to find the right bus.

All of Cap Metro is free. But we get it, the UT Shuttles are what's good.

But can I get to the game? Sure: Routes 7, 10, 18 & 20 will get you to the edges of campus and Routes 1, 3, 19, 801 & 803 run along the Drag and can drop you at the Co-Op.