Bus and Train Accessibility

All of our vehicles provide the following convenient access for riders who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices, senior transit riders, and more:

  • CapMetro Bus: Buses "kneel" for easier boarding and come with lifts or low-floor ramps.
  • CapMetro Rail: Trains provide level boarding at station platforms.

We display the international access symbol on every accessible vehicle and on printed materials to indicate that services are accessible to people with disabilities.

Senior Transit Service Options

The following senior transportation solutions are provided in Austin and surrounding areas (CapMetro doesn't operate all services listed):

  1. Reduced Fare ID: Half price fare on all services for those aged 65 or older
  2. Pickup: Low cost, on-demand rides within select neighborhoods
  3. CARTS: Public transit in rural areas surrounding Austin
  4. Senior Rider's Guide: Helpful guidelines and resources from the Office of Mobility Management
  5. Senior Transportation from PARD: The City of Austin provides donation-based rides to seniors.

Reminder: All CapMetro services are wheelchair and scooter accessible. Our operators are trained to get you there safely and securely.

The bus operator will be happy to help you with seating upon request. We reserve seating in the front of our buses and trains for the following:

  • Older Adults (Over 65)
  • People in wheelchairs
  • People with disabilities

We welcome service animals on board under these conditions:

  • They must ride underneath the seat and shouldn't block the aisle.
  • They can sit beside riders with wheelchairs but shouldn't block the aisle.
  • If they're small in size and can't sit underneath the seat, they must remain in their handler's lap.

For wheelchairs that are challenging to secure on our fixed-route or MetroAccess vehicles, we offer a voluntary service that provides free yellow tethers (nylon loops) or identification tape. Trained professionals will evaluate your wheelchair to determine the best location to place the tethers or tape. To receive this evaluation service, make a reservation by calling 512-369-6083.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all buses and bus operators on CapMetro's services will announce to riders the following information and orientation along the route and throughout the service area:

  • Major stops/timepoints along the route
  • Transfer locations and routes that serve them
  • Major intersections
  • Stops upon request

An automated stop announcement system in English and Spanish announces major bus stops on board buses and on trains at all MetroRail station stops. 

If you encounter an accessibility barrier at a bus stop or have special disability needs, you can request to board or exit the vehicle at a safe location along your route other than a bus stop. This service is not available on Rapid, Flyer or Express.

Our bus operators are trained to meet the needs of riders with disabilities. If requested, they can assist riders with getting on and off a vehicle and securing wheelchairs. Bus operators are also trained in sensitivity and awareness to meet the needs of riders with disabilities.

We offer free travel training for seniors and riders with disabilities. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 512-369-6083. View the travel training brochure.

CapMetro Access service is available to individuals who, because of a disability, are unable to ride regular bus or rail service. To learn more about this service, visit us online or call us at 512-389-7501.

The Access Advisory Committee is responsible for many of the service improvements for people with disabilities and seniors. Committee members are appointed by the board of directors to advise the board regarding accessibility issues.

To get involved in the committee, call 512-389-7583 (or 711) or attend one of the meetings, which are held the first Wednesday of each month from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted in monthly meeting announcements. Learn more about the Access Advisory Committee.

On request, we can provide:

  • Schedule books in large print
  • Telephone service using Texas Relay 711 service
  • Accessible online schedules and reasonable accommodations
For additional support regarding ADA compliance, you may contact Martin Kareithi, Director of Systemwide Accessibility at 512-389-7583 or at CCR-accessibility@capmetro.org.
To file an ADA or accessibility complaint regarding CapMetro's programs or services, please use the online customer comment form, contact the Customer Service Go Line at 512-474-1200 or do so in person at CapMetro's Transit Store located at 209 West 9th St. Comments will be logged, investigated and responded to.