Paying Your Fare

We offer all types and tiers of payment for our riders because everyone has different needs.

With a Day Pass, you can ride our buses as many times as you want over a 24-hour period. Just swipe your pass through the card reader and then chill on board. Don't worry if you don't have one before boarding, you can buy a Day Pass from the bus operator. But be sure to let the operator know you want the Day Pass before you insert exact change or use your Stored Value Card. Otherwise, you may lose your money.

More Day Pass details

  • Buying a Day Pass is your best value. A Single Ride Local Pass costs $1.25 and will take you where you want to go. But if you want to get back, it'll cost another $1.25 for the Single Ride Pass. That same $2.50 will buy you a Local Day pass and give you an unlimited number of rides for the next 24 hours.
  • Buying a pass on the bus? The pass will print out from the top of the farebox with the date, time you boarded and expiration time. You must provide exact change.
  • Passes purchased at retail outlets, the Transit Store or online require you to swipe them on the farebox to validate.
  • All passes issued from fareboxes and ticket vending machines are pre-validated.
  • If your pass has expired, the farebox will alert you and the bus operator. You can then purchase a new Day Pass or pay with cash.

Reduced Fare Day Passes

Here's how Reduced Fare Day Passes work:

  • When you board, tap your Reduced Fare ID at the target area of the farebox.
  • Insert exact cash, use a Stored Value Card or swipe your pass through the card reader.
  • Swipe your pass through the card reader every time you board.

Note: Reduced Fare riders can also buy a Day Pass on the bus. Visit RFID to learn more.

Don't carry cash on you all the time? Pay your fare with a Stored Value Card. We have $20 and $40 cards available. Here's how it works:

  • This card provides $20 or $40 worth of value for riding any bus or rail services. Buy online, at the Transit Store and at select retail outlets. Stored Value Cards may not be used on MetroAccess vehicles.
  • Paper or plastic? We offer two types of Stored Value Cards: 
  • Paper Stored Value Cards are valid only on the bus and must be inserted in the farebox. Paper cards will deduct the fare price and print your current balance on the back of the card. These are not valid at rail station vending machines.
  • Our plastic cards feature "tap" technology and can be used both on the bus and at rail stations. To use, touch the card at the top of the farebox or "tap" on ticket vending machines at rail stations.

If you're a transit hound and want unlimited rides and transfers for a full month, a 31-Day Pass offers an unbeatable price that saves you money every month. Here's how it works:

  • Swipe your pass through the card reader with the magnetic stripe down facing you.
  • Upon first validation, passes are good for unlimited rides for 31 consecutive days.
  • Don't re-insert your pass back into the farebox after it's been validated, as it may jam the machine and you'll lose it. Just swipe your validated pass through the card reader.
  • If your pass has expired, the farebox will alert you and the bus operator. You can purchase a Day Pass at this time or pay with cash. 

Good news, Longhorns! UT students, faculty and staff members ride our buses and trains for free through an agreement with the university. All you need is a valid UT ID. Here's how it works:

  • Tap or swipe your UT ID at the validator.
  • The farebox will alert you and the bus operator if your card can't be read.
  • If your ID card is rejected, you'll need to pay the full fare.

Note: Any issues with the UT ID card must be addressed with the University of Texas Flawn Academic Center (FAC) ID office on campus.

Get rider's information for the UT Shuttle, including maps and route schedules.

If you work for a participating employer or are part of a School Pass program, here's how to make your pass work:

  • Swipe your pass with the magnetic stripe down facing you.
  • If asked, show your employee or school ID card to the bus operator.

Eligible riders can get a Reduced Fare ID Card, which costs $3 and allows you to get the reduced rate on bus and rail passes. Here's how it works:

  • If buying a new pass or using a Stored Value Card, tap the RFID card on the farebox "tap" area.
  • Pay your fare with cash or swipe your pass in the farebox.

CapMetro Access-certified customers who have a Access ID Card pay a reduced fare for our bus or rail service. Clients age 18 and younger ride for free. You must have a Access Card to ride at the reduced rate. Here's how it works:

  • Tap the card on the farebox, then either pay your fare with cash, insert a Stored Value Card or swipe your pass.

Kids 18 and younger ride free of charge with a valid school ID. Simply show the bus operator your valid school ID, and you're done!