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CapMetro App

Better. Faster. Easier. The new CapMetro App is here!

Everything you need for a great commute is at the tap of your finger.

The new CapMetro App is the smartest way to get anywhere you want to go in the Austin area. From paying for tickets on the go, keeping up-to-date on where your bus is to mapping out your entire itinerary, the CapMetro App has all the features you need right in the palm of your hand.

So what are you waiting for? Download it before your next ride!

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New Features

Don't have a debit card? You can now purchase your fare with cash at more than 250 participating store locations, including convenient drug stores, dollar stores and gas stations around the Austin area. Your cash will be loaded into a digital wallet in your account to purchase passes.

At the store location, let the cashier know the amount of money you are loading to the app. Show your screen to the cashier and let them scan the barcode.

Option A1

  • If you want to load money into your wallet, select More on the bottom right (for iPhone) or from the menu on the top left (Android).
  • Scroll down and select Payment Methods.
  • Select Wallet > Load.
  • Choose the amount you’d like to place in your account.
  • Select Payment > Change.
  • Select Pay cash at retailer.

Option A2

  • If you want to purchase a pass, go to the Store in the app.
  • Select the service level you would like to purchase and follow the prompts to add to cart and check out.
  • At the checkout screen, select Pay cash at retailer.
Load Money Screenshot

Choose a retail location

For either scenario A1 or A2, you will then be able to choose a retail location where you will make the payment to complete the purchase.

Select Retailer Screenshot

Add Cash

  • At the store location, let the cashier know the amount of money you are loading to the app. Show your screen to the cashier and let them scan the barcode.
  • Added cash will now be available in your app wallet or, if you purchased a pass, the pass will now be available for immediate use.
Retailer Details Screenshot

Simply click on the STORE icon to start. Then you can select the pass (a single ride, Day Pass, 7-Day Pass, 31-Day Pass, reduced-fare options, etc.) to add to your account. You must set up an account to make purchase.

The CapMetro App's new digital wallet makes it easier than ever to use your phone when taking transit! Look through our digital wallet tutorial to see how it works. We are also adding features to the digital wallet to make it work better for everyone.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are extremely secure and fast ways to make transactions. They use special encryptions that are safer than credit cards and don't charge transaction fees. Just link your CapMetro App account to Apple Pay or Google Pay and you're all set.

About to ride? Open the app and tap the TICKETS icon. All of your purchased passes will appear in the list. Tap the one you want to use to activate it, and you're ready to go.

Get more out of your day with this great feature that allows you to see where your next bus is located and the approximate departure time from the stop. No more waiting and worrying.

Tap on the TRIP PLANNER icon and easily map out your entire itinerary. Select routes, times, destinations and more to make sure get exactly where you need to go.

Report suspicious or dangerous activity on board or at our facilities using the CapMetro App. In the app, select "Report Public Safety Issue" under the MORE icon in the righthand corner.